Play & Learn Sensory

Sensory Trolley – “The Sensoroam”

So many schools and other institutions wanted some sensory accommodation for their customers / students / service users, but had no space to install a sensory room. So, recently we invented the Sensory Trolley, ‘Sensoroam’; a comprehensive multisensory corner, on wheels!  The Sensoroam is  a very handy resource for schools/libraries/hospitals that don’t have an available room to set up as a multisensory area.  The trolley is easily folded out and set up – it takes about 2 minutes to set it up or to put it away and requires only one plug.  It is easily transported across flat surfaces as it is on wheels and has a large handle to pull it along with.  The trolley can fit into a corner or closet, taking up very little space.  When folded up they measure 1700mm high, 700mm wide and 1500mm long.

Included in the trolley is:

  • Full padding inside and out
  • Calming bead tube or rainbow tube
  • App or Colour changing controller (changes colours of tube light according to what side the padded dice lands on)
  • Bubble tube safety padded mirrors
  • Plinth and step up
  • Safety padded floor mats
  • Colour changing infinity tunnel
  • Sensory wheel projector
  • Galaxy star music projector
  • Mini beanbag
Benefits of the Sensoroam:

  • Very cost effective
  • Can be easily transported to different levels in an elevator.
  • Sensoroam is maintenance free and all parts come with a 2 year warranty.
  • Takes up very little space and can be stored easily.
  • Comes with a host of excellent options, in such a small space!
We’ve also come up with a great solution for schools / institutions that want a full sized sensory room but don’t have the space inside…  Our Sensory Shed has the frame built by Steeltech Sheds.  It’s insulated, heated, wired up and ready to go.  We design the inside of the Sensory Shed (with you), ensuring that it has all of the resources you require.  Again, you can contact Christopher for more information regarding the Sensory Shed.