Occupational Therapy (OT)/Para-Educational Rooms

Here, you can peruse our amazing Occupational Therapy / Para-educational / Activity Rooms! (so many different names!). Many children with sensory challenges also need opportunities for activity breaks throughout the day – sure, who likes to sit in a chair for 6 hours?  Our OT / Para-educational rooms offer opportunities for proprioceptive relief, gross motor skills, balance, decision making, following instructions, etc.

Our climbing walls include ladder walls, rock climbing walls (slanted and straight) and rope walls.  Climbing walls offer a host of benefits, including:

  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Practicing Balance
  • Strengthening and Endurance
  • Co-ordination
  • Listening Skills (i.e. instructor says “Put your right foot on blue etc…)
  • Bilaterial Co-ordination
  • Sensory Processing
  • Building Body Awareness
  • Increasing Muscle Strength
  • Developing Gross Motor Skills
OT Climbing Wall
Our trampolines come in a padded plinth with a padded wall panel (or two if placed in a corner) and mirror to encourage maximum bouncing!   These are great for:

  • Motor Skills
  • Develop Increased Body Awareness
  • Calming Experience
  • Sensory Skills
  • Physical Exercise
  • Hand Eye Coordination – Tip: Using a ball to throw and catch while on the trampoline
  • Increased Concentration

Swings and squeeze machines are great for deep pressure and vestibular stimulation.

OT Trampoline
We also have developed great steps and slides (see pictures)… These are an excellent resource for developing balance, as balancing on one foot is a necessity in order to climb them.  The frame of the steps is made from solid wood (for stability) and rebound impact foam (for better balance).  We included a padded wedge-slide to reinforce this exercise and keep your students climbing!

We design all or our OT rooms with floor padding for protection from falls and crash mats for extra safety when using the climbing walls.  All of our panels, floor mats, crash pads, bean bags and padding are covered with padding and a heavy-duty, washable vinyl, available in a wide array of colours.

OT steps
We’ve also created a great feature for gross motor skills exercises – “Tahiki’s Obstacle Course”. These are padded steps at different heights to help children with co-ordination and spatial awareness.

These are both fun and a great source of exercise, working your way through the padded steps! It’s great for teaching colours / following directions as well (“put your left foot on the blue step… jump down to the red step!”, etc).

We include a padded safety mirror so that the students can see their reflection as they work their way through.”

OT obstacle course

Occupational Therapy Room installed Co Cavan & Dublin

Occupational Therapy Room installed at Co Kildare