My Background

After completing a degree in Psychology and a Diploma of Education,  in 1996 I began teaching, gaining experience at schools in Australia, London, Canada and finally, Ireland!   When I came to Ireland in 2002, I began to focus more on students with extra needs.

I spent several years in the West of Ireland, teaching children with learning difficulties, ASD, EAL, and behavioural challenges.

In 2011, I moved to Dublin, taking on the Principal teaching post in Ireland’s largest specialised school for children with Autism – ABACAS Kilbarrack.

During my time there, I became familiar with the resources that our students really loved – things that helped them to wind down, take a sensory break and prepare them for the learning tasks ahead.

During this time, I helped design and purchased two much loved sensory rooms for the school.

Sensory Room, Cavan
After finishing up there in 2018, I began designing, installing and maintaining multisensory rooms all over the country.

I design everything to fit the space you have – I’ve put together rooms that are as big as 5×7 metres and as small as less than 2×3 metres.

One room was a small art closet that we turned into an amazing wee sensory room.

At the City Museum in Galway, we designed a room to fit under a stairwell, with a curved wall in front – that was a challenge!  (see banner pic).

Girl in sensory room in Galway Museum
We use high quality padding and vinyl to ensure that your rooms stand the test of time, providing your students / service users with an enjoyable and safe experience every time they visit!

We are passionate about what we do, ensuring that our customers get the highest quality products that fit with their needs – we don’t try to oversell and we include our customers in the planning process throughout.

We don’t charge for consultation or for our three dimensional designs.  Our customer’s input is vital as we want to make sure that you get the room that will be the most useful for your organisation for as long as possible.

Play and Sensory Room