Multisensory Rooms

You will notice in the pictures here that we design our multisensory rooms to be very calming, using all kinds of resources including grass, padded flooring, padded panels and a host of projectors and sound.

We accommodate an array of needs by incorporating resources that satisfy vestibular, visual, auditory, proprioceptive, and tactile needs – not to mention resources that completely reduce sensory input, like our “dark dens”.

The selection of options ensures that any person with sensory needs will find at least a few things in the room that really benefit them.  We avoid looking institutional by creating landscapes including rolling hills, waves / seaside, space exploration, etc.

We are able to design our panels to cover over pipes, wiring, boxed corners and radiators (with venting at top and bottom) and include all kinds of resources in the panels, from infinity tunnels to bubble mirrors and tactiles.

As more classes for young people with sensory needs are opening in secondary schools, we have many designs more appropriate for mature students, using neutral colours and creating rooms that older students love to use.

Unlike many of our competitors, we ensure that mirrors are surrounded by safety padding, any items that could cause injury (metal pipes, radiators, conduit, etc) are comprehensively covered, offering people a safe and comfortable space to enjoy a sensory break.  When I was Principal of the specialist school in Dublin, I surveyed over 40 staff as to what they felt the most important non-human resource was that we had at the school.  Everyone said that the multisensory room was the best thing.

Sensory Room installed Co Sligo – Before & After Pics

Sensory Room installed Co Galway – Before & After Pics

Sensory Room installed Co Mayo – Before & After Pics

Sensory Room installed Secondary  School

Have a look at the next page to see the amazing activity / OT / Para-Educational rooms we’ve put together – not only an important part of many student’s daily plan but also a fabulous room to have on days when the playground is closed due to bad weather!